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The Blue Side of Ecotherapy

The Beach

Gain the tools to enhance your connection to mother earth from a blue perspective, as well as give your clients a therapeutic experience like no other.  Take the journey to learn so you can teach the life long skills that can transcend one's walk of life. Enhance your practice by connecting mental health and nature.

Blue Benefits 

Spiritual Connection & Biblical Foundations

Cultural Empathy 

Clinical Benefits

Water Exploration & Education

Music & Dance

Utilizing the Environments as the 3rd Teacher 

Yoga & Mindfulness

The Art of Journaling

Eco Discussions

Booster Sessions

Ecotherapy Training for Clinicians 

Two part trainings are held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month in person at the beach, location provided after registration.  Registration fee $25.00

$350.99 Cost of 4hour Training 

Trainings are held form 7am-9am

Material and Refreshments Provided

Due to COVID-19  Training group size of 4

Schedule your training today call 424-234-2764 or email

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