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Therapeutic Services

Compassionate Counseling provides clients with a safe non- judgmental environment to be free to express feelings, desires, and actions through a supportive relational partnership, which will allow room for awareness in self and growth. Reminding clients of what that have on the inside by revisiting old and developing new skills to address the current and or past life challenges. Various therapeutic modalities are utilized to assist with goals and interventions including but not all; 

Client- Centered Therapy, Christian Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy , -Multi-generational Family Therapy, and Systems. 



Sessions in the Sand 

 Beach Therapy

Bring your mask, water, beach blanket or chair and journal.

7am - 10 am  Tues & Sat


Feeling a change in various aspects of life? Finding yourself sad more often than happy? Noticing changes in appetite, sleeping to much or to little, decrease in social activities.   Has friends or family mentioned a change in your mood?


Are you are worry-wort? Do you spend the majority of you time concerned or worrying about a situations or people. Learn and address what provokes the anxiety. Develop coping skills to decrease and manage through day to day living.

Life Transitions

Change is the one constant thing we all can depend on in Life. Change  with family members, work and finances, relocation to new surroundings, school, and death can happen most when we are not prepared. Gain and sustain tools to get through the hard times.


Is your communication style and patterns different from your partner ?How are disagreements  and arguments handled? Learn more about self your, your partner, and your lives together. 


You're not alone? Many parent have thoughts of frustration and being overwhelmed with the day to day tasks of parenting. Develop new skills to support self and your children.


We are all connected in some way! Intimate  relationships, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers , team mates and much more! Do you find your self struggling in relationships.  Let's figure out how to reconnect!



   Wouldn't  you like to respond and tackle the above by learning how to love self first, which will help you handle life on a 3-4 oppose to living and reacting on a 10. Remembering or discovering that loving self is key, develop the skills that will equip you on your life long journey of pouring into yourself.


                     Accepting Insurance & EAP 


Clients are for 

Group Services Only.


~Managing Anger

~Stress Reduction 


Schedule a screening today***

   Due to COVID and the safety of participants Groups are temporally paused.  

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